Hidden settings of android phone

We all know that the app called "Settings" contains all the tools and programs to customize and use our Android phone as you like. But you will be surprised to know that our phone has some hidden settings which are not in the app called "Settings" but in the app called "Phone" which we all know and use regularly! 

You might think now I'm kidding! No no wait I'm not kidding! That is completely true. But now the question is how do we get to those hidden settings? And the answer is - by dialing a code! And the code is- 


By dialing this code you will be able to access those hidden settingsAll you have to do is dial this code and you will be automatically taken to the hidden settings, If you still do not reach the hidden settings after dialing this code, click on the call icon below! 

Then in front of you will be an interface show as given in the picture. So here you can see three settings, the first is "Phone Information" in which you can see and control some of the hidden settings of your phone. 

And the second is "Usage statistics" In which you will see how long you have used any app on your phone till date! 

And the third is " Wi-Fi information" In which you will see all the hidden settings of your wifi. I hope you like this information. Thank you!

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